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Mission Impossible 6 Fallout trailer

It seems like the summer blockbuster trailer season is upon us. The Superbowl and Comicon are truly glorious times of year for fans of a decent trailer. Who would have thought after the first couple of Mission Impossible movies that they would keep going and even get better? I actually liked Mission Impossible 1 but only barely tolerated 2 (it had a couple of good moments but piss off with the doves Mr Woo). Since then, they have just been a joy to watch and I can’t wait for Fallout. Fingers crossed, Tom Cruise does some ludicrously dangerous stunts. This looks awesome! Here is the trailer:


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Deadpool does Bob Ross teaser trailer

If you don’t know who Bob Ross is, then you clearly didn’t stay up late getting stoned while watching terrestrial ‘scheduled’ TV. (I er, saw him on youtube…) Watching Bob Ross was a strangely zen experience – his mad hair and soothing voice were as good as meditation. As an added bonus he also did some simple looking things with paint and brushes that somehow produced a masterpiece. It looked so easy. He was a soothing artistic genius.

So when you think Bob Ross, it is a world away from the brash, loud humour of Deadpool. Well, the latest teaser for Deadpool 2 puts them together and predictably it is really fucking funny. If you were just offended by that swearword then I suggest you skip this clip. For anyone else who has a sense perspective, enjoy.


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Baby Driver by Edgar Wright

I keep meaning to post fewer trailers but then great looking trailers keep coming along. If Baby Driver wasn’t by writer/director Edgar Wright (Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, etc) I would probably just think it looked quite fun and has a great cast –  Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey, Lily James, Jon Bernthal, Eiza González, Jon Hamm and Jamie Foxx. But it was directed by Edgar Wright, so hurrah.

The film is due out in August 2017 but has actually already premiered at the South by Southwest film festival the other day. Even more excitingly, those who saw it have rated Baby Driver incredibly well. It’s a bit frustrating that the rest of us have to wait so long.

I could waffle on more but there is no need. Here is the International trailer for Baby Driver:


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New Carrie trailer

A trailer for the new Carrie film is out and it looks pretty good. It also looks a lot like the original one. So it’s quite hard to see the point of it except maybe they can do some cooler more gory stuff during the prom scene.

Anyway, here it is:

Skyfall – the new trailer

Bond is back! I got excited just typing that. Skyfall is the latest Daniel Craig outing, and it looks damned awesome. I love a good Bond film and am thoroughly enjoying this new ‘reimagining’ of him as a character.

If you are a regular reader it may not come as a surprise that I enjoy films that are chock full of hot women, exotic travel, gadgets, guns and explosions as these feature highly in my everyday life. Apart from the explosions and guns sadly, as they are frowned upon in ‘politically-correct-gone-mad’ London. I have fired a few guns though – we shot a lot of them at school and a few years ago I fired a huge selection in the jungles of Vietnam (as a tourist, not a ex-vet on a flashback). I also enjoy a fireworks display. Plus, when I was a teenager some mates and I put some cans of deoderant in the school bonfire which then exploded and my Tshirt caught fire. So I’m pretty close to Bond’s lifestyle.

Anyway, enough of my exciting life. Here’s Mr Bond:


Skyfall trailer

Bond! James Bond! The new trailer for the much delayed Skyfall is finally with us. I love Bond films and I think that the new batch are great. This one feels like it will be the final part of the Bond trilogy for some reason, even though it shouldn’t be. Bond is immortal after all, he just changes his looks occasionally. Like a mega violent womanizing Doctor Who without the time travel.

Anyway, enough blather. Here’s the Skyfall trailer: