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Augmented Reality transforming medical education

Augmented reality. Medical education is just one application.

Augmented reality. Medical education is just one application.

Not to be left behind in sticking it to boring old reality, VR’s less popular friend Augmented Reality (AR) has been hitting the news more often of late and showing that it can do some pretty cool things too. It has been around for a while and almost became exciting when Google did the Google Glass thing, but once the epithet ‘Glasshole’ leapt gloriously into the language, it fell out of favour.

Well, now Augmented Reality¬†is back and it is being used in incredible and beneficial ways. I am, of course talking about Pokemon Go. Man, I can’t wait till that comes to Thailand. Oh, and they are also using it in education too. In the clip below, students are using the Microsoft Hololens to learn about anatomy. It is one of many ways you can use the hololens but it is pretty cool. If you want to end up as a surgeon, you will obviously have to still practice on corpses to fully come to terms with how disgusting your job will be,¬†but when learning the anatomical knowledge you can really benefit from this tech.

I love all this stuff and while the below clip feels slightly like an advert, it is still pretty damned amazing. Hurry up future and augment my reality, I’m bored.

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Augmented reality bus stop

This has been doing the rounds on the internet, but in case you missed it I thought I would share because it is bloody genius. I keep meaning to pop down to New Oxford street (it’s in London) and see if it is still there. Personally, I think they could go a lot further and have zombies, Triffids, psychopathic clowns, Daleks, Stormtroopers, Cthulu, Godzilla, the Borg, giant mechanoids, the Blob… well, I could actually go on all day. If I was trying to promote a film or a game I would be all over this augmented reality technology thingy but sadly I am not, so will just gawk at it instead.