I’m now entering the ‘World Domination’ phase of my life plan!

I’m in Bangkok! God I love this place! Apart from the fact that where I’m staying has no internet, everything is perfect in the world of Ward. I lived here for two years before I was forced back to Blighty. I spent my days in coffee shops and bars happily writing away and get hyped on coffee or drunk on Tiger beer. Occasionally an editor would phone me up and ask me to attend an art opening or review a book or interview someone. It was a happy and carefree time. Unfortunately, while I was just about able to live on this, I couldn’t really see any future in it. Even more unfortunately, I’m in my 30s now and have to think a bit about the future. So I reluctantly returned to my glittering career watching tv in high-tech windowless broadcasting facilities in London. This coincidentally was the exact moment when I started smoking heavily again.
But I have big plans! This site seems to be gathering pace and soon I expect to earning as much as £5 a month from it. I am also midway through a degree which will mean I can finally accept one of the job offers I have received out here in either the English department of a top university, or sub-editor of a newspaper. Neither of which were available without a work-permit, which can only be attained by having a degree. Which is annoying and frustrating, but so is life, so I’ll stop bitching about it. I have also decided to try my hand at online poker, which is a sure fire route to big success.
I have actually met a few professional poker players out here and they seem to really enjoy themselves. Bastards. Sadly the two I asked said that they didn’t make a penny until after they had been playing regularly for at least a year. Worth a try though right? I can’t see any way this plan can go wrong.
So if anyone enjoys this site, just wait a while. Soon I will have more free time to read books, watch films, and play games. All so you don’t have to. Nice of me isn’t it?
The only problem is my current lack of internet and that will be fixed on the 18th. Then – watch out world!
In a bit.