Huge insincere apologies

I know I said I would write more this trip but I haven’t so deal with it. It has all been a bit of a madhouse. A giddy whirlwind of drinks and hangovers and local food in remote places and upset stomachs and family functions and on and on. All very pleasant though. Fortunately I will be back at work in a week or so so will write more then.

I am just guessing but I may be a bit miserable. Obviously I love 12 hour night shifts and grey, miserable, cold, damp people but I am a bit fed up with England these days. I am English, Irish and Australian. I am bored with the blandness of the weather in countries of the former two and the weather in the latter is just fucking mental. Floods, fires, hurricanes, poisonous bugs, sharks, crocodiles, beaches you can’t swim at because of deadly things, checking the toilet for spiders and snakes – Oz is out! I have lived in England and Australia and don’t fancy them any more. I was born in Hong Kong and South East Asia is where I want to be.

I will stop this whining introspection and have a beer. I am still on holiday after all. Hope you are all well and happy and adjusted.