Britain is a dark and gloomy place

It’s been a massive shock being back. I know from experience that it will only take a week or two to get used it all but right now, I just want to stay in and hibernate.

Britain is cold and dark. The sun came up and 08:01am and set at 15:52pm. In between there was hardly anything that could be called “daylight”. It was cloudy and snowy all day. Everyone is miserable. The other day I met a mate for a drink and he had black eyes and a puffy face as he was attacked by a random nutter a few days before. London is exciting like that.

Last night I went to the pub with some friends and we had to move pub as we couldn’t face queuing up at the bar. In Thailand there are hot waitresses everywhere that remember your drink and get you a new one when you look at them. Plus they are hot.

Food here is bland. Even the Thai food is toned down.

My first shift when I got back was a nightmare to get to. Due to a signal failure in Camden, the whole network went tits up. When I finally got on a train, they kicked us off at Willesden Junction – a station that is remarkable for its distance from any alternate means of transport. I ended up being 40 minutes late for my first shift in ages. To make matters even worse, there was work to do. Will this suffering never end?

The only things that are keeping me going are: the traditional binge-drinking over the Christmas and New Year period, my growing addiction to on-line poker, and the anticipation over the new Avatar movie.

I promise to write more soon. Next time I will be more cheerful!

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