Work is intruding on my social life

I’ve been up to fuck all recently as I just seem to work all the time. As I work freelance and am going on holiday to Thailand on the 10th of November for a month, I have been forcing myself to accept nearly every shift that comes my way. Which is crap. In addition to 60 hour weeks I’m also working on my degree. This has meant I get bugger all free time. I hate working and I hate people who think it gives you a sense of purpose. The sort of person who wouldn’t change if they won millions on the lotto. I suspect they just lack imagination.

This has given me very little time to write and now that I have that time, I realize that because of work, I have nothing to write about. I just looked at the news and I’ve already talked about most of it. Apparently there are going to be even more investigations into politician expenses. Swine flu is still about to wipe us all out. I mean, come on… The only new bit of info I’ve seen is that Obama has won the Nobel Peace prize for some reason. I was a bit shocked when I first saw this headline as my brain played a twisted game that made me initially think it said “Osama wins Nobel Prize”. Which would have been weird.

So what can I write that may be of interest? Fortunately I have back up factoids for just these situations.

I read a great quote recently by Charles Dickens. He described Chelmsford (a ghastly town that I’ve visited on several occasions) as “the dullest and most stupid spot on the face of the Earth”. Which is brilliant.

I also watched some online footage of some twats being knocked out in Swansea. The footage starts with three drunken morons starting a fight. When that one finishes they wander down the road trying to start more fights with people that are unfortunate to be near them. Then they see a group of drag queens and walk up and punch one of them. Unfortunately for them, one of the drag queens happened to be a professional cage fighter who knocks the living crap out of all three. I don’t know why I found it so funny.

Apparently there was no door handle on the Apollo 11 landing pod. If Buzz Aldrin had accidentally shut the door they would really have had a problem.

A 2006 survey by channel states that Hackney is the worse place to live in Britain. Dickens and I might dispute that, although it is a dump.

Guess what the most published book in the world is? The IKEA catalogue. Take that bible!

I’ll end this post with a couple of humorous Thai adverts. Now that I’m going back I remembered how funny some of their ads are. I then looked at my friend Greg’s website ¬† and saw a couple on his site. So I decided to poach them. Thanks Greg.


(Note on this one – the final words say chance of this happening: 0.00000001%)

This one is touching and sad:

This one is unpleasant but common to anyone who has lived in Thailand:

The funniest one ever: