Word of Ward has been poorly!

Yes, my poor website has been ill. Like the egomaniac I am, I went to check my readership last week and found that it had dropped to 150 a day from its previous 300. I was distraught. I knew that because I’d been working lots, I hadn’t written much recently but still. Had my fickle readership found some other opinionated writer spewing forth his shallow observations that was even better than my humble self? Obviously not, what a ludicrous idea.

So what had happened? I went onto my website to check it was still the piece of unappreciated genius that I remembered and at first all seemed ok. Then I clicked on the blog section and was suddenly confronted with a huge red page that told me the site I was visiting had malware reported on it. After checking what malware was, I looked at my google analytics. It said that a particular website was known to have malware in it and the name of that site was somewhere on my site. Although it stated that there wasn’t actually any evil things on my site, the other one was a known bad boy.

What had happened was that I’d copied a picture from the aforementioned diseased site and by way of thanks I’d provided a link to them. I won’t be doing that again. I deleted the picture and the polite link and the digital doctor gave the Word of Ward the all clear. Hopefully my readership will flourish once more. I make almost £2 a month from this site and hope to get a meal or something out of it at the end of the year. Feel free to tell all your friends and colleagues about the site so that by Christmas I might be able to take my wife to somewhere nice. You know you want to.

Ironically, the picture and link that caused the red warning screen where in my post called ‘Freedom of speech’. I will henceforth stop providing links to other people’s websites and this site will remain clean and healthy. Balls to the internet community.

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