The Saltwater Cafe St Ives

The Saltwater Cafe

We loved this place. Possibly our favourite dinner in St Ives. Through the window you might think to yourself: ‘What a charming little place, the front area looks quite cosy.’ When you enter you realize that this is all there is. One small room with about 10 tables. Booking a table is therefore pretty damn essential.

There seemed to be three people running the whole operation. Very well. A guy in the kitchen and two ladies serving. They were unbelievably efficient and friendly. It is a massive cliche but we really felt like we were dining in their house as a guest. Except for all the cash at the end.

For starters we had the garlic bread – because I love garlic bread!

Then squid with chilli and garlic. Which was astounding! The best dish of the entire trip through Cornwall. Incredible. I dribbled slightly when I wrote that.

Nim had the crab linguine which was very nice but was not quite as good as a place down the road. My pollack steak was fantastic though.

This was pleasantly washed down by a bottle of Pino Grigio followed by a couple of lattes.

The total bill was £55 which was a bargain quite frankly.

I really couldn’t recommend this tiny place enough. I suspect that in the summer you should probably book a table when you book your hotel. Or possibly even before.

Have the squid – if you don’t like it, there’s something very wrong with you.

Almost all of the cafe.

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