The Loft restaurant St Ives

The Loft Restaurant

We went here for my wife’s birthday because I’m so damn classy. And it is the classiest place we found in St Ives. As we entered up the stairs (above), we were greeted by a very nice lady who offered us cocktails on the balcony. It seemed impolite to refuse and I am a paragon of politeness. So we perused the menu  and sipped champagne cocktails. How bloody pleasant is that?

The restaurant itself is a long room, tastefully decorated, and a bit like a converted loft. Unsurprisingly I guess. I had booked us a seat by the window, so we had nice, if slightly obstructed view of the rainy bay.

Nim had the scallops which were large and tasty. I went for the squid salad. I love good squid and this was good, if slightly too sweet for my liking.

For the main I wanted steak but so did my wife and it was her birthday and we wanted to try different things. So I the haddock steak wrapped in local ham with a lovely mash. It was superb, even though I was getting a bit bored of seafood by this point in the holiday.

Nim got the steak in a black pepper sauce. Which was annoying as it was incredible. Cornish cows are very happy indeed and it was some of the finest beef either of us had ever tasted.

The roast veggies were perfect. And I don’t really care about vegetables much unless they are from a street stall in South East Asia and covered in chilli.

We had a red wine and a white wine which were both satisfactory.

Finally we had ice-cream – again from happy Cornish cows. This was followed by a double expresso and an Irish coffee.

Unfortunately the vegetables arrived a couple of minutes after the main, which wasn’t much of a problem but the staff were so nice, we got them for free.

The bill came to £74. Which was pretty good considered what we had and the classy surroundings. I’d highly recommend the place. Great ingredients, very nice staff, very nice ambience and surroundings. I was even allowed to have a cigarette on the balcony.

The terrace bit.

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