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Scifiward.com has shiny new look!

The good folks over at the awesome www.scifiward.com have a brilliant new look to their site. (Ok ScifiWard is me.) I thought I would try out a new design there and see how easy the whole process was. Turns out, it was pretty damn simple to achieve and now it looks like a veritable window on the future. I urge you to go and check it out forthwith and post haste!  As I mentioned when I chatted about doing code academy, it is time for this site to have a makeover.

I want to keep things simple so will probably go with a wordpress theme.

I just thought I would warn you all so that if you happen to be clicking to somewhere else on this site, everything may go a bit mental for a minute or two. While I may be brilliant at design and basic coding and most other things a human can do, I can’t work out how to change things on a site before it goes live. The changes may happen before your very eyes… Plus it is more fun this way. So don’t panic! Your computer isn’t broken. Look on in awe as a new site unfolds.

Look in awe at the new site!

Look in awe at the new site!

EDIT: Well I guess doing Scifiward first has paid off as the Word of Ward has now had its facelift and it took about half an hour. Any suggestions please email: thewordofward@gmail.com

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Trying the WordPress app

Forgive this unusual post for not being as astoundingly brilliant or as modestly genius as my usual posts. I am trying an experiment. Now that I have a Galaxy Note 2, with a colossal screen, it is considerably easier to write ‘on the go’. By ‘on the go’ I mean ‘in the park/cafe/pub’.

So essentially, the result of this test could change my life. Possibly for the worst but change is good so screw it.

If you can read this, it worked. If you can see this then my camera posting works.


That was a photo I just took in my flat. I thought it safer to write this first post at home. That way I can check if this works on my laptop. Also my couch is comfy. Sorry about the mess.

Here is a picture I took from the interweb.


So here goes. Going to try and publish this. Thanks for your patience!


***Well that seemed to work. The only thing to check is how to make the image from the internet bigger. Otherwise it is pub ahoy! I can’t seem to find the funny image again but it was something about the helmets and sunglasses impeding accuracy. It was hilarious!

By way of apology here is a funnier one. It is even apt with my new phone and everything!

Picard never made a bad decision.


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