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VR Apollo 11 experience PS4

I downloaded this a few weeks back and finally gave it a go. If you are a regular reader then you are probably aware that this sort of thing is very much my cup of tea – I love space exploration, astronomy and VR. So I am happy to report that I loved the VR Apollo 11 experience.

There are some interactive elements – such as docking (fairly easy) and landing (fairly impossible) – but this is essentially a documentary experience. The makers went to a lot of effort to make the experience as accurate as possible and they did a superb job. For example, the landscape you see during the landing sequence is the real photo mosaic NASA created and used to train the astronauts. Obviously, you don’t experience things like the G-force of take-off (get someone to sit on you), or the terror, but when you leave the atmosphere and can look out of the window at Earth, it is pretty amazing. I also learned some things I didn’t know about how the Apollo modules worked which was pretty cool.

The company that made this experience is called Immersive VR Education and if you click on the link you can see a lot more information. I did the VR Apollo 11 Experience on a PS4 but it is also on Oculus and Vive and so on. If you are interested in space and VR I highly recommend it. Here is a trailer which will give you a vague idea – just without the VR.

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Until Dawn: Rush of Blood review

I finally got my PSVR headset (about a month ago) and have been loving it. So I thought I might as well review one of the few games I have played thus. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a lot of fun for the price. Not brilliant, but certainly enjoyable and a good intro to VR. Costs vary but I paid around £15, which seems about right.

Here is the plot in as much as there is one: You are on a rollercoaster on your own and some crazy guy injects you with a drug, possibly, that makes you see crazy things. And there are psychopaths loose around the ride. And there may be ghosts. You also might be descending into Hell. Alright, fuck it, there isn’t much plot. I haven’t played any other Until Dawn games so frankly, I have no idea what is going on.

Basically, Rush of Blood is a horror shooter on a rollercoaster. I highly recommend using Move controllers because they make the shooting experience more immersive, interactive, and a lot more fun. There are quite a few jump scares and a lot of gore, so if you don’t like either then maybe this isn’t for you. To be honest, I am not that bothered either way when it comes to scares or blood, yet I really enjoyed myself. The controls are responsive, the visuals are clear and sharp, and the shooting itself is immense fun. Even at the start, where you are mostly shooting at balloons and pottery, it is a pretty good laugh. Things just amp up from there.

I have played a couple of other PSVR games and have enjoyed them all to various degrees. It is possible that if I was more experienced in VR then Rush of Blood might be less impressive. As it is, if you are a newb, then give it a go. I wouldn’t pay much more than  £15 and if you can get it for less than that, definitely go for it. There are a few moments where the roller coaster speeds up that might give you motion sickness, but I didn’t find any problems. Possibly because I was focussed on keeping an eye out for zombies, bats, or giant pigs.

To conclude: I don’t think Rush of Blood is a classic in any way but if you are looking for a new game to try out VR, then it is worth a go. Here is a trailer:

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Oculus Rift – Virtual Reality is finally here.

Back in the early 90s I remember trying out Virtual Reality and being tremendously excited. Everyone agreed it was just about to change the world and make it slightly more brilliant. Which, quite frankly, it needs. Films like The Lawnmower Man showed some of its potential for taking ‘educationally  challenged’ people and turning them into raging egotistical psychopaths. On the gaming front (and probably porn front), things were going to be great.

I remember VR being pretty fun. For its time. I wondered slowly around a blocky landscape and fired an inaccurate gun at a slow pterodactyl for some reason. Who wouldn’t want to do that? Then… no VR for bloody ages.


Oculus Rift

20 years later we finally have the awesome sounding Oculus Rift.(Good Scifi character name.) Oculus Rift was invented by some ‘soon to be a billionaire’ gaming brainy-pants in his garage. It has since been crowd funded. The cool thing is that it doesn’t cost a 100,000quid, it will actually be affordable. Plus, advances in screens and motion sensors have allowed it to be fucking incredible.

Just to reiterate, this is fully immersive 3D, we are talking about. Combined with games. Come on Christmas!

Here are some vaguely interesting clips. First, someone brilliant has already turned Skyrim into an Oculus Rift compatible game. Here is a brief clip talking about it and the Oculus generally.

If you like Skyrim or want to see the 3D yourself, you can try this NOW. AT HOME JUST USING YOUR EYES!Maybe you have already seen this before. Quite frankly, it may be the last thing you see because I am sure it messes up your eyes. But watch this clip and go cross eyed. Honestly. If you get it right you will see Skyrim in 3D and that’s surely another bucket list ticked.

Finally, here is a gamer/geek’s first impressions:

I will be buying one of these. Or if an Oculus Rift publicity man reads this, then send me one and I will publicize the hell out of it.

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