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The perfect gadget combination

I am coming to the sad realisation that my laptop is dying. It’s a MacBook Air from mid-2012 and when I bought it, like so many laptops before, I knew it was the best thing on the market for what I needed at the time. The battery has now totally died and the poor thing is just slow and tired and needs to rest.

Now there is too much choice. It is not just about laptops anymore, there are multiple devices. What to get? It seems like we are in a tech transitional time right now. Tablet or laptop or hybrid or 2 in 1 (not sure if the last two are different). Or I can go old school and build a gaming computer and just not worry about it. I now do most of my writing on my iPad Pro but it just becomes too fiddly when I have to switch between multiple sources. I had to write a speech for a CEO last week – which is weird as I am a journalist but will do anything for cash – and needed to reference multiple sources. This is a pain in the arse on a tablet. I ended up having to copy and paste a lot of different material onto a single word document and then go split-screen. Thankfully I rarely have to write speeches because this was annoying and also I am not that good at them.

I read a lot and magazines and comics are better on a tablet. I live in Asia, so buying niche scifi magazines and comics is not always possible and reading 2000AD on an iPad Pro is fucking awesome. When it comes to books, I prefer my Kindle or an actual book. I love my phone but more as a messaging and music device as I hate talking on the phone.

So ideally I would have a watch through which I could make calls, and a foldable device that can be book size for books, large tablet size for magazines and comics and finally, can also be turned on its side and used with a keyboard and mouse and is a proper OS, not a mobile one. If possible it should have a dedicated graphics card and superb battery life.

I know that is a big ask but it seems like we are almost there. Watches can make phone calls, tablets have desktop OS, gaming is getting easier with more efficient chips, and foldable screens have been patented.

It is just that I need all this now. So here is the point of all this self-obsessed rambling: If any tech developers have created a device they need testing – please get in touch. Thanks.


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