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Easy way to learn Morse Code

You know how in movies and TV there are scenes where someone is stuck /trapped /imprisoned /has their consciousness downloaded to a computer but their humanity remains intact and they want to communicate in their digital hell? (I may have just made that last one up but it seems familiar.) In a lot of these scenarios, they happen to know Morse Code because of some handy backstory or other. Then, joy of joys, someone in another passing group /similarly trapped also happens to know Morse Code and they can communicate.

My dad and his contemporaries, who went to sea, would be handy in these situations as they know Morse Code. I and my friends and contemporaries, however, would be useless; although we would be better at composing an encouraging email with links, pictures and an amusing video clip. Different skill-sets. But it is not just cool Gen X types who are likely to do something clever with tech as opposed to tapping out a handy code. Most generations after the Boomers who didn’t enter the navy, or possibly the army, are likely to be equally useless.

I saw the list below on Pinterest and thought it was pretty damned fascinating and a handy way of presenting the info. I went quickly through it once and realised by the time I had hit the end that I could remember the Morse code for the first five letters of the alphabet. I already knew SOS, obviously, and remembered H and I from some film or other, so was already almost a third of my way to knowing the Morse Code. Like juggling, touch typing, being sincere and learning to read Thai, this is now on my list of things to master.

Writing succinctly and to the point is a while away, however, but I will now shut up. Here you go and who knows – one day you and I could be in a third world prison tapping away on a rusty pipe to each other; or perhaps signalling with torches across a post-apocalyptic, zombie-strewn landscape. How we will laugh when we find out where we learned this handy skill! Good times ahead. Enjoy.

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