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Documenta 14 in Kassel, Germany, 2017

Documenta is a huge art festival that takes place in Kassel, Germany, every 5 years. This one, the 14th, is also simultaneously taking place in Athens. We went to Kassel a couple of weeks ago, so thought I might as well post a load of pictures. I am sure the one in Athens was just as nice.

If you want more information on the festival you can check out the official site https://www.documenta.de/en/ 

As stated in the link: “Over 160 international artists present works conceived for Documenta 14 at more than thirty different sites, public institutions, squares, cinemas, and university locations.” That is a lot of material.

We didn’t see all the artists because we are mere mortals but over the course of two days and 50,000 steps (according to my pedometer), we saw a hell of a lot. If you fancy going, the official site gives tips on how to get there. We ignored the advice as we also went to the Sculpture Project in Muenster. Because art.

I won’t go into too much detail as Documenta should be experienced and I can’t write pretentiously / lexically dense / cleverly enough to match a lot of ‘art writing’. The pretty photos should help a bit. I do have a few personal highlights and a very vague itinerary if that helps those deciding to go.

The main section and hub of Documenta is in the centre of town where there is an Acropolis made of books. It was a work in progress when we went but it was pretty amazing. There is a lot of stuff around this area with all the principal sites about 10 minutes walk from each other. You can also buy tickets, get maps, press passes and so on.

We did all the central stuff in one mad burst and the plan was then to have a beer and food and take it easy, finishing up the next day. However, after a large German ale and currywurst, we were sufficiently revived to see more. So we then took in two more sites that were amazing and completely different. One was in an abandoned subway station and the other in an old post office. Both are highly recommended.

Without further ado, here are the aforementioned loads of photos. (If you click on them, they get bigger.) They don’t really do credit to Documenta as that would take hundreds of pictures and a better photographer than myself. The festival runs until 17th September. Enjoy.



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Going On Holiday

Yes, The Word of Ward and Mrs Word of Ward are off on holiday. We leave tomorrow for sunny and welcoming Germany. I love Germany and am massively looking forward to schnitzels, sausages, sauerkraut, litres of beer, and a transport system that actually works. Ignoring a couple of unpleasant World Wars, the Brits get on pretty well with the Germans. We are of similar tribal stock back in the day and both love a good scrap. The efficient tribe members stayed there and the more creative ones went to the rainier but more exciting isles of Blighty. Consequently they have a good transport network and well run economy while we invented everything (trains, TVs, computers, the world wide web, the industrial revolution, etc) and have all the best bands, actors, writers, etc. A fair split I think.



Our first stop will be Munich where we will be visiting a quaint little festival called OCTOBERFEST!!! Which will be another bucket-list item ticked. I had heard that there is a tent just for the British/Irish/Australians and South Africans as they tend to be the most into beer and fighting and vomiting and so forth, so it’s good to keep them contained. As an English/Irish/Australian writer I find these stereotypes pretty shocking. I would complain more but I’m on my fourth pint and can’t be arsed.

After four days of this, assuming my liver hasn’t exploded, we are taking the train to Berlin. Where we shall partake of art and cabaret and general coolness until we can’t take any more. Think of Bowie and Iggy Pop when they lived there – like that but without all the heroin. It’s going to be awesome.

We’ve both been to Munich before but not OCTOBERFEST!!! (Sorry, but it has to be written that way.) I’ve also been to Berlin before but it was in the late 90s and may possibly have changed a little. So we will be seeing a lot of stuff. But not so much that we won’t be taking time out to chill and write and quaff ales in wifi enabled coolness holes.

I just thought a heads up to my lovely readers was in order on the off chance that my liver does explode. But as an English+Irish+Australian+writer’s liver it is pretty damn hardy.

So expect some exciting photos in the near future!

Auf Wiedersehen for now!

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