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A Holiday in Cambodia

Dear Internet,

Sorry I haven’t written much but, like the Dead Kennedys, I have been partaking in a holiday in Cambodia. If you don’t get the reference, don’t worry about it – they were an old but great punk band.

Dawn over Angkor Wat

Dawn over Angkor Wat

Cambodia is great. I think we lucked out as Mrs Word of Ward and myself have been exploring temples and Angkor Wat and so on, and tourist levels have been really, really low. Cunningly we are here at the hottest time of year, during a particularly bad heat wave (even for Cambodia’s peak heat season), and in a country that is legendarily hot already.

According to my phone the actual temperature has been hovering around 40 Celsius but thanks to humidity, it ‘feels like’ 50. Perfect weather for a shade-less jaunt around some temples. We live in Bangkok, which is far from chilly, but at home we don’t wander about at midday in the direct sun gawking at old temples. In conclusion = it’s hot. Damn hot!

Ta Phrom - the 'Tomb Raider' temple.

Ta Phrom – the ‘Tomb Raider’ temple.

But it has been worth it and when I get back I will bore the interweb with holiday snaps. Holiday snaps of Cambodia are pretty staggering though. Dawn over Angkor Wat was on my Bucket List and it was beautiful. The huge Angkor Tom was amazing. The ‘Tomb Raider’ temple of Ta Phrom was downright cool. We also visited a selection pack of other temples, drank lots on Siem Reap’s ‘Pub Street’, and saw the absolutely incredible Cambodian Circus – Phare.

I will post more soon as our holiday in Cambodia will finally come to an end tomorrow. Hope this finds you well.



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