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Get back at internet scammers with Re:scam AI bot

One day we will have AIs roaming the internet and when they detect scammers writing one of their ludicrous messages about millions left in a bank, they will take a photo or note the IP address and send round a killbot. Until then, sadly, the only options we have when dealing with these massive pricks are to ignore them or have a lot of fun winding them up, pretending to be interested (see video at the bottom).

I read somewhere that scammers purposefully use bad spelling and grammar to weed out those who are more likely to immediately see through their bollocks. Apparently, gullible people just don’t pay much attention to what they read. Their other victims tend to be the less internet-savvy older generation. So in conclusion: they target the vulnerable, so it is fine to annoy or harass them as much as possible.

Replying to them is obviously time-consuming and tedious so the good news is that there is now an AI chatbox thing that will do that for you. The website and bot are called Re:scam and were created by Netsafe – you can check out the website here. If you can’t be bothered, all you actually need to do is to forward your spam/scam email to this address:


The AI bot will then keep the scammers busy and consequently give them less time to hassle others. Here is a brief video if you are still baffled:

Another option, of course, is to set up a fake email and bug the shit out of them. This is what James Veitch did and this is his hilarious TED Talk about it:

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