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Real life robots preparing for the singularity

Atlas Robot

Atlas Robot

No matter how often science fiction writers keep warning about this sort of thing, we are continuing research into both AI and robots. When the singularity comes and robots rise up and take over there will be quite a lot of gloating ¬†and ‘I told you so’s. The main problem is that robots are kind of cool, so we will keep building them. Who knows, maybe they will want to be our buddies like in Star Wars or Asimov’s work (mostly). People shouldn’t necessarily allude to an impending apocalypse.

So check out this clip of Google/Alphabet owned Boston Dynamics’ real life robots wondering around outside. It looks a bit they are taking a drunk Terminator for a walk but it is still pretty impressive. As is the sort of robot dog with a hand for head. Enjoy the apocalypse, it is going to be shiny. (Damn, I alluded… so… hard… not to…)

The full length video is here:


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