Satellite to hit Earth


Yes, I know. Again! Apparently they fall out of orbit every week but usually burn up in the atmosphere making pretty shooting stars. But last month a NASA satellite fell to the Earth and this weekend a defunct German ROSAT satellite is due to hit. What’s worse is that it will break up and scatter on its way down.

I know what you’re thinking – the odds of it hitting someone are small, right. Actually no, the odds according to the German Aerospace Agency DLR, are 1 in 2000 that it will hit someone. Let’s put that in perspective. Have you ever bought a Lotto ticket? The odds in the UK of you winning are 1 in 14,000,000. So it’s 4,375 times more likely that the satellite will squish someone than you are to win the lottery. If the pieces rain down on a city, entire buildings could be smashed with more than one person dying.

So the odds of you being hit by a chunk of satellite are, er, beyond me. But I’ve chosen to worry. If I was staff, I would call in sick just to be safe.

Why am I telling you this scary news? Well, partly because it’s fun. But also because I want you to have a good weekend. Not enough people live by the ‘Live for the day’ motto. Now that you know you might be twatted by a chunk of teutonic debris, I hope you will really enjoy yourselves this weekend. Essentially I am making the world more fun. No need to thank me.

Just remember: it could be you. Now have a tequila.

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