Perfect Catch

I know that the internet and the world in general┬áhas been gripped with concern over lack of new posts of late. Apologies for that! I have been working lots and had to write a load of stuff for an Open University course. I have also been writing for someone else’s website.

It hasn’t all been toil for other people though. I also visited Barcelona for eight days which was fantastic. An entry on that will be appearing soon.

In other news, my book is about ready to send to publishers and agents, so hopefully I will soon be a millionaire and won’t have to work in TV anymore. This will be a blessing except when I am watching some utter drivel on TV and am not being paid an hourly rate for doing it – I’ll just be wasting my life.

So just hang in there. Soon the workload will ease and I can write my usual smug nonsense on random topics at an increased rate. Until then here is an incredible video of a guy in a restaurant in India somewhere. The video is rather erroneously called the Perfect Catch. I am more impressed with the throw.