A hammock, Koh Jum, and a technology test.

This post is something of an experiment just to see how brilliant the technology at my disposal is. I’m currently lying in a hammock on the very quiet and quite remote island of Koh Jum in Thailand in the Andaman sea.

I bought a cheap smartphone in Hong Kong which I then took to Thailand. Phones in this part of the world are unlocked as they are fully aware of how stupid and pointless it is to lock an easily unlockable device. With a Thai 3G sim card and internet tethering I now have the web at my fingers wherever I am.

I just bought Anthony Beevor’s superb Stalingrad on my kindle while eating a spicy bowl of Kaotom pla (boiled rice and fish with spices). I then spent the last 4 hours lying in a hammock in the tropics with a belly full of superb spicy Thai breakfast while reading about the slaughter and carnage of Hitler’s attempt to invade Russia. Good times.

I then wondered if I could write a website entry from my supine position on my tethered Galaxy Note 2 mobile phone. If you are reading this, then I can. If that’s the case, I may be here a while…

Here is a picture of said hammock, kindle and sea. Plus my feet. I apologise if it is cold where you are.



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