Joining twitter

Join my cult!

Join my cult!

I feel like I may have sold out. To whom? I don’t know. Where? To twitter. Why? I thought if people followed me on twitter I might get more people looking at this site. What have I sold exactly? Not sure. My resistance to pointless fads would have been an initial answer except it has now been going for a few years and seems to keep growing. I can’t even claim that I have lost any credibility or individuality or any other “ity” as people I really like and respect number among some of the more famous twitterers. Plus I’m barely credible at the best of times.

Just thought I’d mention it. I’m seeing it as an experiment that will benefit other web writers. Millions may flock here and I can spend more time selling advertising space and reading and not work so bloody much. If it doesn’t make any difference I’ll stop.

The thing is, I don’t really know what to write on it. Here is my own domain – literally, in the respect that I bought the domain name. Here I can write what I damn well please and review things I think are good and rant about things that are bad. Do people do that on Twitter? I have no idea. This will be an ongoing experiment and I will keep you updated with the results. I don’t really know how anyone will even find me on the Twitter site but I already have a follower. I feel like a level 1 Messiah. I need more followers so I can level up to low-level deity.

I decided to learn from a twitter legend so I started following Stephen Fry. He is one of the top twitterers after all. It just felt a bit odd to type in someone’s name and click follow and then get updates as they drink tea and watch darts. Apparently Obama twitters although I suspect someone else writes it and you won’t get anything good like: “Met Gordon Brown again today. He’s a bit of a twat.” Or: “Found George W’s coke stash. Game on!”

It reminds me of when I joined facebook. It was great to get in touch but now I hardly ever look at it. Except that people keep sending me messages there as opposed to my gmail.

I did read that twitter has been hacked a few times. Once was by a group called the Iranian Cyber Army. Which sounds pretty ominous. Here was what the front page of the site looked like for a while.

Twitter hacked!

Twitter hacked!

This seems pretty scary. If anyone hacked my site I’d be screwed.

On a side note, my hotmail has been hacked. I don’t know what to do about it. Except complain here. I hate hackers, they never do anything cool. If I ever meet a hacker that just trashes people’s sites, or a spammer I will punch them severely. Teach them some consequences. Real world action!

Or if they are bigger than me, maybe I’ll just say bad things about them on twitter.

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