International Space Station on Google Street View

Until I visit the International Space Station for real (please invite me), this will have to do. Google Street View is pretty amazing and helps you visit cool places like Angkor Wat, the Great Barrier reef, the Colosseum in Rome, Times Square, the Palace of Versaille, Stonehenge and more. Having been to all those places (yes, I mentioned them just to gloat), I can confirm it isn’t quite as good as the real thing but it is still pretty amazing. Especially if you have VR and imagination.

Well, now you can visit the International Space Station in Google Street View thanks to science and technology and some amazing people. (Click the link.) These 360 shots were made with a DSLR and a lot of patience. The results are pretty amazing and kudos to all involved. In case you have time and want to know more about how this was all done, there is a handy and interesting video:

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