First off, just in case anyone is reading this, apologies for the huge gap in blog entries. And reviews. And anything new at all being added to the site. I have been busy and I even got married.

Here are some excuses:

1) I am doing an open university literature degree and last week I had a three hour literature exam. I had to study a lot for it as everyone else was doing the same. Except they seemed to study for weeks and weeks more. I think it went ok though.

2) My other half’s family came to stay (for reasons I will explain) and stayed in our flat. Fortunately she has a spectularly nice family but it wasn’t exactly conducive to doing any writing. We spent a lot of time doing touristy things in London, which was actually quite cool.

3) We all went to Paris. Why not? It’s near.

4) You may have seen this coming given the title but I GOT MARRIED!!! This wasn’t quite as stressful as some people claim but it still required a certain amount of effort. Plus the subsequent hangover was a bitch.

5) I work freelance and have been toiling my ass off to pay for points 1-4.

So there. Cut me some slack. From now on it will be a literary onslaught of fascinating ramblings. I was originally going to write as if nothing had happened but I may have been accused of slacking off.

My plan is to write something every few days. Never again will a week go by uncommented upon. Stay tuned for more!

2 thoughts on “I GOT MARRIED

  1. Martin Cozens

    And what an amazing wedding it was! Nim was as beautiful as a princess. Jason was as handsome as Chewbacca in a suit. A nice suit, mind.

    Love always xxx

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