Hung Parliament

If you are a puerile and easily amused politician (like I’d be), then you’ll probably be happy to be in the current situation and being in a ‘hung parliament’. I’d always suspected that the lack of ‘being hung’ was what drove someone to want the admiration needed to be elected in the first place. ┬áBeing without a government and leadership and direction and all that cliche shite we are supposed to need, should send the average person into a mild directionless panic. Except that it hasn’t and doesn’t. The police and firemen and hospitals and street sweepers and TV transmission controllers and so on are still working. Society still functions.

Let’s not forget that Parliament gets a month off work for Christmas, another 3 weeks for Easter, 2 weeks for half term in February, almost 3 months for summer AND, this is amazing, almost 2 weeks for Whitsun. A holiday I had barely heard of until I looked it up to write this. Whitsun is the latter half of May in case you were unaware of this holiday you probably don’t get time off for. My point is that we seem to be able to survive without a government for a while, which is fortunate.

I mentioned in my previous post that we seem to be heading for a hung parliament and apparently this will lead to proportional representation. That is what everyone said. Except that doesn’t seem to be the case. What’s happening is deals between the Lib-Dems and whomever they choose to make the rulers of Britain. This is bollocks in my massively un-humble opinion. People didn’t vote for the Lib Dems because they wanted the Tories or Labour in power. They didn’t expect the Lib Dems to get into power either to be fair, they were probably just making a point. Even so, the system is wrong.

The Liberal Democrats are now in talks with the Conservatives. Surely a liberal conservative is an oxymoron. They are supposed to be left wing aren’t they? Why not have Labour teaming up with the BNP? It’s just wrong. All this sameness in policy and political leaning is what is causing lethargy among voters and hung parliaments in the first place. Be left or right. Not a mix. Make a choice. It’s all just crap.

Anyway, I don’t care. Nothing much will change and no matter who gets in power – people will be whingeing within six months about policies. I hate politics and will focus more on stupid yet humorous things from now on. I just thought I’d mention my opinions as I had written about it before.

I’m going to avoid tax and live happily with my immigrant wife as before. Balls to democracy! Yaaaah boooh to it all.