Humans Need Not Apply

I saw this short 15-minute film on Youtube the other day called ‘Humans Need Not Apply’ and it was great. So I thought I’d share because I am nice and want to spread the alarm.

Humans Need Not Apply basically states and explains that most jobs will be replaced by technology. It is pretty much inevitable and there is nothing us meat-sack humans can do about it. I generally agree and can’t help but wonder what will happen in the future. Will we all be able to chill out and just enjoy ourselves and the culture we have created – art, films, books, theatre, music, etc? Will there be no worries about food, the need to go to a job you don’t like, or concerns about rent or a┬ámortgage? It sounds pretty cool.

However, some people would get bored and might cause trouble. These are people I don’t understand but they are out there. If I didn’t have to work, there is no way in hell I would get bored. I would travel more, learn more languages, learn more instruments, read more, watch more and game more. More! I am always disappointed when I meet someone who claims they would be bored without work, they have such low sights in what they want out of life.

The big concern for me is that financial inequality is growing globally at an alarming rate. Most billionaires don’t care much that half the world is broke and most major companies do all they can to avoid paying taxes. That is just the way the system is set. So what happens when the workforce is all replaced by robots and software? Will there be plenty for all and mankind can enjoy retirement? Or will a few trillionaire robot owners reap all the benefits while the rest of us proles barely scrape by, satisfied with our mass-entertainment and mass-produced food? Humans are generally pretty selfish but then I am generally pretty cynical about humans.

I hope there is some kind of attitude shift that will allow for some redistribution of wealth but history has long shown that those at the top like it there and consequently that requires everyone else to be at or near the bottom. I am sounding like a massive leftie here but if we can get robots to do all the tedious shite, then it would be nice if everyone can have a good time rather than a few. If that happens, then bring it on!

Without further waffle, here’s Humans Need Not Apply:



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