Hong Kong. What’s it like?

Hong Kong

I was born in Hong Kong and lived there until I was 21. It is a superlative place. It is like living about 10 years in the future. Hong Kong is like Blade Runner mixed with Minority Report/5th Element/Coruscant. We are actually thinking about moving back there in a couple of years.

People often ask, ‘What is Hong Kong like?’ They just imagine hordes of people shuffling between glass skyscrapers. Which is actually pretty accurate in the business part of town but it has so much more. I could go on and provide a breathtaking description of the contrasting juxtapositions of colonial and modern, of steel towers and palm trees, of ultra modern living and street markets. But I can’t be bothered. So here is a short video that shows all that instead. It is really worth a watch and brought a nostalgic lump to my throat.

So Long, My Hong Kong from Gregory Kane on Vimeo.


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