Freedom of speech

As you may or may not have noticed, this website was down for a week. Basically, I said a few things about someone that I was perfectly justified to say. Unfortunately, some of the comments by readers may have overstepped the mark. As a result my old hosts got a warning from some lawyers and rather than give me a chance to remove the comments, simply shut me down. I won’t be mentioning the individual again because I didn’t really give a shit about him in the first place. I mentioned him in annoyance and everything spiralled out of control.

I won’t mention my old hosts either as they suck and will probably sue too. You can guess who they are by looking at any web-host review site and looking at who is rated bottom.

What have I learnt from all this?

1) Don’t use my old hosts. Whoever they are…

2) Don’t slag off anyone who probably has good lawyers.

3) If you are going to write about people, and keep it purely factual, beware of what people write in the comments section.

4) Don’t back up your website with just your hosts. Especially if they suck.

5) Don’t naively assume you have freedom of speech unless you are a celebrity or writing for the press – when you can just write an apology on page 10.

So I’ll be disabling the comments from now on. Sorry about that but I got a ton of spam every day and I can’t be bothered to go through everyone’s comments in case some jumped up prick in the future takes offence at what some innocent but frustrated reader has written. Not that the guy I wrote about was a jumped up prick. He is a wonderful, wonderful man and everyone who wrote bad comments is obviously mental.

I feel saddened that I can’t write what I want. I didn’t slander anyone but fear of legal action seems to turn everyone into pussies. So you win lawyers and spammers! Well done! Balls to freedom!

Still, at least I’m back. Next entry I will be more cheerful. I should also thank Host Gator – my new host – for being so awesome and sorting everything out. They are so much better than my previous host. Who hate freedom.

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