Fascinating statistics

I have been doing an absolute ton of work recently, which utterly blows. I’m a freelancer who is paid by the hour, so I shouldn’t really grumble about 70 hour weeks, but fuck it, I am. Yah boo sucks to toil. Take that ‘sense of purpose’. It could be worse I suppose. I could be broke and forced to loot for a living. Or even worse, become an accountant or work 9 to 5.

Anyway. Because of all this grind, I haven’t had much chance to write. I have had a lot of time to read though, as I sit with all the other drones commuting across London. So here are some interesting statistics I read in Wired. I think they are cool. If you subscribe to this blog and are reading it on your kindle while commuting, I feel your pain. Hope you find these interesting.

Printer ink is a rip off that doesn’t even taste nice:
£0.13 – Price per millimetre of a bottle of Dom Perignon Vintage 2002 Champagne.
£1.63 – Price per millimetre of ink for an HP black inkjet cartridge.

Take this luddites and get with the times:
2.6 – Number of jobs created by the internet, for every job lost because of it.

Why am I going to publish an ebook?
105 – Number of ebooks sold by Amazon for every 100 physical books.

To be fair, this statistic probably holds true for all of us:
20,000 – Number of malicious emails targeting the UK government networks each month.

This figure could also read how much more likely a Mac user is a Guardian reader than a PC user:
80% – How much more likely a Mac user is to be a vegetarian than a PC user.

Here are some others:
‘The average woman spends 136 days dressing up, applying make-up, plucking and showering.’ (Daily Mail) I’m assuming this is over a lifetime and not per year.

Again, according to the Mail, we spend 27 days waiting for trains. I assume this is an average. The average Japanese person probably spends 27 minutes over their lifetime while the average Brit spends 27 days a year. At least.

I could go on, but I feel like this entry is a bit of a cop out. Anyone could copy facts from other sites and magazines. That’s why 92% of other websites are 28% worse than this one. Plus 78% of statistics are just made up.

Still, if you found reading this 0.01% more interesting than what you might have done in the last 5 minutes, it was all worth it.