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Star Wars droids in Raiders of the Lost Ark

I don’t know how the hell this slipped by me unnoticed but the droids from Star Wars appear in Raiders of the Lost Ark. In my defence, I saw the movie three times when it came out in the cinema but I was really young. Then there were a couple of decades where I had to watch it on the ancient combo of VHS tape and cathode ray TV screen (and a small one at that), where it was hard to see anything at all.

I noticed other more glaring references in Lucas’s films – Princess Leia’s cell block was 1138, a reference to THX1138; and Club Obi Wan in Temple of Doom.  There is also R2D2 in the new Star Trek films (more than once) as you can see here; obviously not a Lucas film but still pretty cool. But as I have just learnt, there are a couple of droid related Easter eggs that I missed in Raiders.

They both occur in the Well of Souls, when Indy and Sallah are in there getting the Ark. The first is when they lift aside the huge slab of stone that covers the Ark. You can see the two droids, R2D2 and C3P0 on the pillar, between the coils of a snake.
The second example is when they are lifting the Ark and you can see a hieroglyph of the Star Wars scene when Princess Leia inserts the data into R2D2 with C3P0 nearby. Here:

You may be looking this and thinking, so? Well, good point you miserable sod. I just thought it was kind of interesting.

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Sir Patrick Stewart sings Country music

Sir Patrick Stewart sings Country and Western

If Sir Patrick Stewart wasn’t already knighted, I would probably have started a petition by now. Or more likely, someone less lethargic probably would have and I’d link to it. The man is a legend and not just because he was Captain Picard, Professor X, and Gurney Halleck. He just seems like a damn good fellow.

I have posted a clip before – Sir Patrick Stewart reads 1-star reviews of famous monuments  – which is also great. Now he is singing Country and Western and it’s glorious. Before I get any more fawning, here you go. Enjoy.

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Mission Impossible 6 Fallout trailer

It seems like the summer blockbuster trailer season is upon us. The Superbowl and Comicon are truly glorious times of year for fans of a decent trailer. Who would have thought after the first couple of Mission Impossible movies that they would keep going and even get better? I actually liked Mission Impossible 1 but only barely tolerated 2 (it had a couple of good moments but piss off with the doves Mr Woo). Since then, they have just been a joy to watch and I can’t wait for Fallout. Fingers crossed, Tom Cruise does some ludicrously dangerous stunts. This looks awesome! Here is the trailer:


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Journey’s End movie

Journey’s End was originally a play by RC Sherriff. I studied it as part of my English literature A-level and I still vividly remember the characters and events decades later. It is an incredible play if you ever get the chance to see it. If you don’t, then you can soon watch the film starring Asa Butterfield, Sam Claflin, and Paul Bettany. It recently screened at the Toronto International Film Festival and got great reviews but won’t go on general release until Spring 2018 – the 100 year anniversary of the events depicted in the movie.

Journey’s End is set in World War 1 and follows an 18-year-old, called Raleigh, who is fresh from school and eager to get to the Front. Like many at the time, he is obviously young and naive, unprepared for the horrors endured by the men in the trenches. He requests to be sent to a particularly notorious section because he wants to serve with his friend and hero, Captain Stanhope. But Stanhope has been at the Front for a long time and is now a changed man.

If you want to read the Journey’s End play, you can get a copy here but you can also probably find it elsewhere for free – it was written 90 years ago. I highly recommend it. I am really looking forward this movie. Here is the trailer:



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Humans Need Not Apply

I saw this short 15-minute film on Youtube the other day called ‘Humans Need Not Apply’ and it was great. So I thought I’d share because I am nice and want to spread the alarm.

Humans Need Not Apply basically states and explains that most jobs will be replaced by technology. It is pretty much inevitable and there is nothing us meat-sack humans can do about it. I generally agree and can’t help but wonder what will happen in the future. Will we all be able to chill out and just enjoy ourselves and the culture we have created – art, films, books, theatre, music, etc? Will there be no worries about food, the need to go to a job you don’t like, or concerns about rent or a mortgage? It sounds pretty cool.

However, some people would get bored and might cause trouble. These are people I don’t understand but they are out there. If I didn’t have to work, there is no way in hell I would get bored. I would travel more, learn more languages, learn more instruments, read more, watch more and game more. More! I am always disappointed when I meet someone who claims they would be bored without work, they have such low sights in what they want out of life.

The big concern for me is that financial inequality is growing globally at an alarming rate. Most billionaires don’t care much that half the world is broke and most major companies do all they can to avoid paying taxes. That is just the way the system is set. So what happens when the workforce is all replaced by robots and software? Will there be plenty for all and mankind can enjoy retirement? Or will a few trillionaire robot owners reap all the benefits while the rest of us proles barely scrape by, satisfied with our mass-entertainment and mass-produced food? Humans are generally pretty selfish but then I am generally pretty cynical about humans.

I hope there is some kind of attitude shift that will allow for some redistribution of wealth but history has long shown that those at the top like it there and consequently that requires everyone else to be at or near the bottom. I am sounding like a massive leftie here but if we can get robots to do all the tedious shite, then it would be nice if everyone can have a good time rather than a few. If that happens, then bring it on!

Without further waffle, here’s Humans Need Not Apply:



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Microsoft Surface Pro 2017

Surface Pro 2017

I finally got round to replacing my MacBook Air and spoiler: I got a Microsoft Surface Pro 2017. The poor Mac Air still works but the battery has completely given up the ghost and where there used to be a picture of a battery with a percentage next to it, there is now just an ominous X. Which is fine when plugged in but the way the power cord attaches (with the magnet) is way too easy to knock out. With a working battery, this is a great feature – without one, it is terrifying. The slightest nudge and it falls out and I lose all my work. Still, it has lasted 5 and a half years, so it was a good inning.

I don’t like the new MacBook line. The MacBook is nice and slim but has one port. One. So you need dongles and so on and frankly, for the money, what you get is underpowered crap. The MacBook Pro does lots of stuff I don’t need and is stupidly expensive. So balls to Apple (except my iPad Pro which I still love and will mention more in a second).

Not being brand loyal, I decided to turn to the Darkside – Windows 10. I write for a living, occasionally draw and design book covers, and the rest of the time I read (a lot) and watch stuff on Netflix and Youtube. Portability, battery life and weight were main factors. Being able to play Civilization 6 and Cuphead where just added bonuses. I looked at a lot of hybrids and 2-in-1 options and I kept coming back to the Microsoft Surface Pro 2017. It also has a pen.

A lot of my needs were met by my iPad Pro but I use Scrivener and Word a lot and they just aren’t good on the iPad. They are great on the Surface though. The keyboard and pen are likewise superb. I read somewhere (possibly more than one place) that the Ipad Pro is the superior tablet but inferior laptop replacement. I completely agree. When it comes to reading both books and comics, it is better on the iPad. (Comixology doesn’t even have a Windows app which is crap because reading in the browser is not as good. My inner nerd is annoyed by this.) However, the Surface Pro is a fully-fledged laptop with a full set of features. Scrivener is awesome on it. It isn’t a laptop replacement – it is a laptop. Albeit one where you can remove the keyboard and use as a tablet.

Keeping with the iPad Pro vs Surface Pro comparison, I should mention keyboards. As a writer, this is obviously pretty important. For the iPad, I had the Apple keyboard (which stopped connecting after 18 months), a Lenovo thing (which was good but really heavy), and an Apple Bluetooth keyboard (which was fine but had slight lag). None were all that great though. The Surface Pro keyboard connects easily, is light, has no lag, and also has a trackpad. It is a lot better to write on and you don’t need to jab at the screen and painstakingly try to select a small passage when you want to delete something, which is infuriating when on a tablet.

I was initially concerned about the jump from Apple back to Windows but it was actually pretty painless. My books are on Kindle, my music on Spotify, my notes on Evernote, and all my writing on Scrivener and Word are saved on Dropbox. So I can access all my stuff on any device as it is. It took a while to get used to the OS but was surprisingly easy.

I could go on but if you have read this far, you’ve probably got the picture. If you are on the fence and need a good, full laptop that is incredibly portable, then I highly recommend the Surface Pro. It is also a pretty decent tablet for watching stuff and consuming media. So there. Hope this helped.

Oh yeah, and happy new year!

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Happy Christmas one and all!

On behalf of all the staff here at Word of Ward towers, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas. ‘Tis the season to be merry, so go and be merry! Today you are allowed to indulge and binge and you can then spend the whole of January regretting it, jogging a couple of times and going on pointless cleanses.

So before I do likewise – I hope you have a fantastic festive season and get lots of shiny gifts.

Happy Christmas!

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Get back at internet scammers with Re:scam AI bot

One day we will have AIs roaming the internet and when they detect scammers writing one of their ludicrous messages about millions left in a bank, they will take a photo or note the IP address and send round a killbot. Until then, sadly, the only options we have when dealing with these massive pricks are to ignore them or have a lot of fun winding them up, pretending to be interested (see video at the bottom).

I read somewhere that scammers purposefully use bad spelling and grammar to weed out those who are more likely to immediately see through their bollocks. Apparently, gullible people just don’t pay much attention to what they read. Their other victims tend to be the less internet-savvy older generation. So in conclusion: they target the vulnerable, so it is fine to annoy or harass them as much as possible.

Replying to them is obviously time-consuming and tedious so the good news is that there is now an AI chatbox thing that will do that for you. The website and bot are called Re:scam and were created by Netsafe – you can check out the website here. If you can’t be bothered, all you actually need to do is to forward your spam/scam email to this address:

The AI bot will then keep the scammers busy and consequently give them less time to hassle others. Here is a brief video if you are still baffled:

Another option, of course, is to set up a fake email and bug the shit out of them. This is what James Veitch did and this is his hilarious TED Talk about it:

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Until Dawn review

I got Until Dawn on some sale or other and had been meaning to play it for ages. Then Skyrim VR came out and I thought I had better clear some room on my hard drive by finishing some games. 10 hours and several adrenaline-spiking scares later, and I was done. It was definitely worth it – Until Dawn is a superb game.

The game takes nearly every horror film cliche and turns it into a long movie. Actually, it is more like a ten-episode TV show, complete with ‘Previously on Until Dawn’ recaps.

The story begins with a load of horny, drunken teens in a remote ski lodge that can only be reached by a knackered cablecar, and they do this in winter, at night. There is a tragedy and horror, then it cuts to the actual proper story a year later and the game begins in earnest with the same teens turning up at the same place to do the same stuff. All in order to get over what had happened a year before. Which turns out to be a really bad idea. Cue psychopaths, strange beasties, serial killers, scary clowns, abandoned mental asylums, haunted mines and so on.

The teenagers behave the way they always do in horror films. At first, they go to even more remote spots to have sex, take baths in the dark with headphones in, play with Ouija boards and etcetera. Then, when it turns out there is a genuine threat, they insist on splitting up to explore scary as shit places.

Until Dawn’s story, although cliched, is actually pretty fun and varies depending on the choices you make thanks to the much mentioned ‘Butterfly Effect’. This is actually pretty cool and depending on how you play, you can save everyone, although this is hugely unlikely on your first go. I only had two deaths. Normally when you watch a horror film, you shout a lot at the screen and the stupid choices of the main characters. Well, now you can make those decisions for them and see how you fare. The vast majority of the time, if you have been paying attention, you can save a character just by making a logical choice based on in-game clues. Which is a nice touch.

It doesn’t make you any less jumpy, however.

What also helps is that Until Dawn is really well-made game.  It is moody and dark with a cold and menacing atmosphere. The characters are stereotypes but are well-acted stereotypes using professional actors and advanced motion capture. They are still in the ‘úncanny valley’ but only just and I was able to recognise several of them easily. There is the vaguely unsettling guy from Fargo, the hot blonde cheerleader from Heroes, Agent Ward from Marvel’s Agents of Shield, and the dude from Mr Robot. I don’t know why I can’t remember names but can still accurately quote alien dialect from Star Wars, but there you go. The acting really helps lift the game and adds to the whole cinematic feel.

I really enjoyed Until Dawn and thoroughly recommend it. It isn’t perfect – there can be annoying camera angles and cut scenes followed by a bit where you have to suddenly press a button or die – but on the whole, it is a superb game and a lot of fun. Recommended if you don’t have heart problems and posses a strong sphincter. Here is a trailer:


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Deadpool does Bob Ross teaser trailer

If you don’t know who Bob Ross is, then you clearly didn’t stay up late getting stoned while watching terrestrial ‘scheduled’ TV. (I er, saw him on youtube…) Watching Bob Ross was a strangely zen experience – his mad hair and soothing voice were as good as meditation. As an added bonus he also did some simple looking things with paint and brushes that somehow produced a masterpiece. It looked so easy. He was a soothing artistic genius.

So when you think Bob Ross, it is a world away from the brash, loud humour of Deadpool. Well, the latest teaser for Deadpool 2 puts them together and predictably it is really fucking funny. If you were just offended by that swearword then I suggest you skip this clip. For anyone else who has a sense perspective, enjoy.


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Writing is fun. Here is how to write more…

I have been trying to shift my priorities of late. I write non-fiction for my day job – journalism, travel pieces and so on – but have always wanted to write fiction. This is Nanowrimo month after all. So far I have written some short stories but that has been all (look up and right and add to basket). I have recently been writing a lot more fiction and it has been a lot of fun. I highly recommend it, it is good for the brain. This website actually started as a kind of catharsis to unwind after writing about marketing trends and area guides and having to abide by ‘house style rules’.

A couple of things have really spurred me on of late. Maybe these will help someone struggling while trying to write their own magnum opus. This isn’t exactly a ‘writing tips’ kind of article, it is more of a blog entry from a personal point of view. I have noticed a couple of themes that appear in every writing tips article however and they are definitely true. If you are attempting Nanowrimo or want to try out writing a book, this might help a little.

Read a lot. I used to read at least a book a week. This was before Netflix and billions of channels. I then went down to a book or two a month. Recently, however, I have cut back on TV and social media and have set aside time to read. (Apologies for the irony if you linked to this through social media.) It has been superb. Inspiring even. The more I read, the more I want to write fiction. I cannot recommend reading a ridiculous amount even if it sounds a bit counter-intuitive timewise.

Write every day.  I do this anyway as I need to eat and buy beer. Even so, writing stuff for work is different from writing what you want. As I said earlier, I started my websites as a way to unwind. I also write a journal which is quite fun (I use the ‘Day One’ app if you fancy it) which limbers up my noggin and helps me get started in the morning. I have recently been writing 500 words of fiction a day and it has been a great target that seems easier to hit the longer I do it. I am thinking of upping it to 1000 a day. Stephen King does 2000 a day which is damned admirable but a while away yet.

Write purely for yourself. This advice really, really helped me. When I write normally, it is with immediate readership in mind, so when I tried fiction, I initially started to doubt if it was good enough. But both writers that I mention below point out that the first draft should be purely for you alone. Edits will follow, so just write for fun.

Read these two things on writing tips. Stephen King On Writing is a great book with a ton of great advice. If you have a short attention span (which doesn’t bode well for your career) or need some more succinct tips for short-term inspiration then Hugh Howey has a four-page guide. The first page can be found here and the rest are linked to from there.

I only thought about writing this post because I have a few friends and acquaintances who try the Nanowrimo thing every year and fail. It is possible that this is the same reason Hugh Howey’s article got in my news feed the other day. Frankly, the world always needs more books and if this helps even a minuscule amount, then I can feel good about myself.

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Easy way to learn Morse Code

You know how in movies and TV there are scenes where someone is stuck /trapped /imprisoned /has their consciousness downloaded to a computer but their humanity remains intact and they want to communicate in their digital hell? (I may have just made that last one up but it seems familiar.) In a lot of these scenarios, they happen to know Morse Code because of some handy backstory or other. Then, joy of joys, someone in another passing group /similarly trapped also happens to know Morse Code and they can communicate.

My dad and his contemporaries, who went to sea, would be handy in these situations as they know Morse Code. I and my friends and contemporaries, however, would be useless; although we would be better at composing an encouraging email with links, pictures and an amusing video clip. Different skill-sets. But it is not just cool Gen X types who are likely to do something clever with tech as opposed to tapping out a handy code. Most generations after the Boomers who didn’t enter the navy, or possibly the army, are likely to be equally useless.

I saw the list below on Pinterest and thought it was pretty damned fascinating and a handy way of presenting the info. I went quickly through it once and realised by the time I had hit the end that I could remember the Morse code for the first five letters of the alphabet. I already knew SOS, obviously, and remembered H and I from some film or other, so was already almost a third of my way to knowing the Morse Code. Like juggling, touch typing, being sincere and learning to read Thai, this is now on my list of things to master.

Writing succinctly and to the point is a while away, however, but I will now shut up. Here you go and who knows – one day you and I could be in a third world prison tapping away on a rusty pipe to each other; or perhaps signalling with torches across a post-apocalyptic, zombie-strewn landscape. How we will laugh when we find out where we learned this handy skill! Good times ahead. Enjoy.

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IPad Pro 2 years on – mostly getting better

I spend a lot of time thinking, reading and writing about gadgets. And quite rightly so, gadgets are awesome. About 5 years ago, when I first bought a Mac Air, I remember saying to a slightly bored friend of mine that the perfect device would be a Mac Air that could separate into a tablet. Then along came the iPad Pro which is almost, nearly, kinda that.

I say almost because it can do about 95% of everything I need. I use a laptop for writing and browsing the internet. Or watching Netflix if cooking / washing up / brushing my teeth / shaving / going to the toilet, etc. I can do all that on the iPad. And while it is getting better, there are some minor annoyances and a couple of things that are slightly worse. If you are still reading by this point – this may interest or even be helpful to you. (No promises.)

The better:

More apps are available and they are increasingly designed to work well on a tablet. This has bugger all to do with anything done by Apple (or they would be more expensive) but more about apps like Dropbox, Evernote, Word and so on releasing better products that are good on a tablet. A combination of improved interfaces and my getting used to doing things in a different way, have meant that I do more on the iPad now than when I first got it.

iOS11 – This was a superb update. As you can see from the picture, the iPad is looking more like the laptop version than ever. It is now a lot easier to switch between apps and with access to files, I can write and edit documents directly in the cloud (mostly Dropbox, Google docs and Word). It is pretty damn cool and it just requires a slight adjustment to how you work.

The worse:

I am currently writing on the official iPad cover keyboard wotsit. It is actually pretty nice when you get used to it. I also have a Logitech keyboard which is even nicer but quite bulky. However both are increasingly having problems connecting to the iPad. Looking at forums, I am not alone. I have to keep disconnecting and connecting until it reluctantly lets me type. It is particularly galling when trying to connect the official apple cover and it tells me that the device is ‘not supported’. Apple is supposed to be overpriced but well designed so it infuriating when you buy two things from the shop and they don’t seem to like playing together any more. If anything, the Logitech is slightly better.

iOS11. While it has made using the iPad a lot better and more like the laptop replacement it aspires to be, it has noticeably caused battery drain. I could write and read for hours before and it would only lose a few percent. I don’t want to get too technical here but it is bollocks. When I hoped for a more laptop-like experience, I didn’t meant to include the battery life. I haven’t tested it but I think it will still outlast most laptops but only just. I am quite a heavy user, so there will be battery degradation but again, the forums are full of people complaining.


I promised two years ago to review the iPad and so there you go. 95% of my writing is done in apps. The 5% that will means I will still, daily, have to buy a new laptop is down to:

– No mouse. Let us use a sodding mouse. Highlighting words on an iPad screen is still a ball-ache and will always be. I can use the pen to click on stuff but a mouse is better, especially when editing.

– I like saving stuff to folders on the desktop. While I can now write and edit stuff in the cloud, it is still annoying and fiddly. If I need to read a variety of sources while writing I generally revert to my laptop. The ‘files’ update is a good step as I can at least group different documents in the same project together.

– I edit a lot of stuff for a lot of clients – advertising, copywriting, doctoral theses and so on. This can similarly be a bit annoying when I need a few windows open.

Otherwise it is great. I still fucking love my iPad and use it daily. However, I do sometimes look at friends with a Microsoft Surface and envy them with their ability to do everything on it. Until you ask them about it and hear a whole different set of issues. Come on technology – get it together. As always – feel free to send me free technology to try out. You know the address.



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The perfect gadget combination

I am coming to the sad realisation that my laptop is dying. It’s a MacBook Air from mid-2012 and when I bought it, like so many laptops before, I knew it was the best thing on the market for what I needed at the time. The battery has now totally died and the poor thing is just slow and tired and needs to rest.

Now there is too much choice. It is not just about laptops anymore, there are multiple devices. What to get? It seems like we are in a tech transitional time right now. Tablet or laptop or hybrid or 2 in 1 (not sure if the last two are different). Or I can go old school and build a gaming computer and just not worry about it. I now do most of my writing on my iPad Pro but it just becomes too fiddly when I have to switch between multiple sources. I had to write a speech for a CEO last week – which is weird as I am a journalist but will do anything for cash – and needed to reference multiple sources. This is a pain in the arse on a tablet. I ended up having to copy and paste a lot of different material onto a single word document and then go split-screen. Thankfully I rarely have to write speeches because this was annoying and also I am not that good at them.

I read a lot and magazines and comics are better on a tablet. I live in Asia, so buying niche scifi magazines and comics is not always possible and reading 2000AD on an iPad Pro is fucking awesome. When it comes to books, I prefer my Kindle or an actual book. I love my phone but more as a messaging and music device as I hate talking on the phone.

So ideally I would have a watch through which I could make calls, and a foldable device that can be book size for books, large tablet size for magazines and comics and finally, can also be turned on its side and used with a keyboard and mouse and is a proper OS, not a mobile one. If possible it should have a dedicated graphics card and superb battery life.

I know that is a big ask but it seems like we are almost there. Watches can make phone calls, tablets have desktop OS, gaming is getting easier with more efficient chips, and foldable screens have been patented.

It is just that I need all this now. So here is the point of all this self-obsessed rambling: If any tech developers have created a device they need testing – please get in touch. Thanks.


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30 Days Time Lapse at Sea

You wouldn’t have thought a time lapse of a cargo ship sailing halfway around the world would be so relaxing and pleasant to watch. Especially 10 minutes of it. It really is though. Someone called Jeff.HK posted this on youtube and I meant to watch a little bit of it and get on with my life. Then I zoned out and watched it all. This is the combination of 80,000 high res photos – 1500GB of files.

The route was:

Red Sea — Gulf of Aden — Indian Ocean — Colombo — Malacca Strait — Singapore — South East China Sea — Hong Kong

Camera used: D750, Rokinon 12mm f/2.8

Highlights are:

0:32 Milky Way

1:17 Approaching the Port of Colombo

1:45 Cargo Operation

2:08 Departure Colombo with Rainstorm

3:13 Lightning Storm in Malacca Strait and Singapore Strait

3:29 Clear night sky Milky Way with lightning storm

5:09 Arrival Singapore

5:56 Departure Singapore

8:36 Squid Boats

9:15vArrival Hong Kong


Stellardrone – Billions And Billions

Philip G Anderson – Winter

For pictures from the time lapse fellow’s Instagram look here:

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The great AI race is now on

The other day I got Bixby – Samsung’s virtual assistant – on my phone. My phone also has Google assistant while my laptop and tablet have Siri. I am surrounded by virtual assistants, possibly the precursors to AI (Artificial Intelligence if you have just arrived in civilisation). I’ll be honest, I keep forgetting to use them.

These days the news is full of stories about the rise of AI. Well, Trump, North Korea, Brexit and AIs. Everything is basically alarming and it is hard to know what to be most shit scared about next. Recently an AI beat the world’s best GO player, Microsoft made a chatbot that became racist frighteningly quickly and China made several chatbots that started to praise America and were shut down. So good and bad.

The other day Vladimir Putin gave a speech where he said that whichever nation leads in AI will be the ‘Ruler of the World’. This then prompted Elon Musk to tweet:

“China, Russia, soon all countries w strong computer science. Competition for AI superiority at national level most likely cause of WW3 imo.”

So pretty scary all round. Being a massive optimist, I don’t think it will necessarily be all doom. People often think Skynet from Terminator or the Cylons. I agree with Mr Musk that killer robots for the army are probably a massively stupid idea. We need to tread carefully and when I look at the people currently in charge, I can certainly see urge for panic. But with calmer more intelligent minds helping out maybe it will all be ok. If you look at the history of nearly everything – some things are great and some are shite, yet still, we humans persist.

An AI might be like in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – handy but mostly a bit annoying. Or like in Star Wars, where they can do robot stuff but are essentially like people (although in Star Wars, they are basically slaves which is bad). On a more positive spin, the AIs in Iain M Banks Culture novels are bloody great. In ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ robots and AIs are actually in charge and the aliens’ culture is massively better off. So who knows? It is going to happen and if you look at Trump, North Korea and Brexit, maybe we should welcome the robot overlords.

Maybe they have taken over already and we are all living in the Matrix. As long as I can drink beer, eat steak, travel a lot and play games, I am happy. All hail the robot overlords!



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VR Apollo 11 experience PS4

I downloaded this a few weeks back and finally gave it a go. If you are a regular reader then you are probably aware that this sort of thing is very much my cup of tea – I love space exploration, astronomy and VR. So I am happy to report that I loved the VR Apollo 11 experience.

There are some interactive elements – such as docking (fairly easy) and landing (fairly impossible) – but this is essentially a documentary experience. The makers went to a lot of effort to make the experience as accurate as possible and they did a superb job. For example, the landscape you see during the landing sequence is the real photo mosaic NASA created and used to train the astronauts. Obviously, you don’t experience things like the G-force of take-off (get someone to sit on you), or the terror, but when you leave the atmosphere and can look out of the window at Earth, it is pretty amazing. I also learned some things I didn’t know about how the Apollo modules worked which was pretty cool.

The company that made this experience is called Immersive VR Education and if you click on the link you can see a lot more information. I did the VR Apollo 11 Experience on a PS4 but it is also on Oculus and Vive and so on. If you are interested in space and VR I highly recommend it. Here is a trailer which will give you a vague idea – just without the VR.

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Short, fun travel tales!

BookcovertraveltalesI haven’t done this for ages, so it seems the perfect time to publicise my short collection of lighthearted travel tales. “Australia, Morocco, and Thailand. Three True Travel Stories“. Instead of the usual blurb, which you can read on Amazon, I thought it would be good to copy in a couple of reviews from the US website. I promise I don’t know them. They are ‘Top 1000 Reviewers’ and I should be so lucky to know such important people.

“Some young folks hit the backpacker trail to gain self-enlightenment and seek spiritual awareness and save the world. With admirable honesty, the author admits that (at twenty-one) he was looking for fun, with the emphasis on avoiding boredom, staying drunk, and getting laid. Not surprisingly, he had more luck in the first two areas than in the third.

Don’t make the mistake of dismissing this as a stoned-and-stupid Spring Break saga. This man is a professional writer and a damned good one, and he knows how to tell a story. He also has a keen eye for the absurd, even when he’s looking in the mirror. The first (and longest) section recounts an adventure in Australia when he and three friends try to earn traveling money picking pears. Unfortunately, the beautiful farm of his imagination (think A TRIP TO BOUNTIFUL) turns out to be an “outback gulag” and the friendly, generous rural inhabitants consist of a hostile, dishonest farm owner and a pair of hard-working (and hard-drinking) Albanians.

The second story involves getting stranded in the Atlas Mountains during rainy season and taking a hair-raising ride back to civilization (or closer, anyway) in a van packed with Berber tribesmen. Why are the windows covered? “Il est preferable de ne pas regarder.” (It’s better not to look.) The third finds our hero living in Bangkok with his American-educated Thai fiancee Nim where he experiences a strange (typically Thai) overthrow of the government. The Prime Minister is unpopular, so the military steps in, sends the police home, the King okays the deal, and Happy Hour goes on. (That was in 2006.)

My only complaint about the book is that it is far too short and I wasn’t ready for it to end.”

And another:

“‘Ladyboys from the Mambo cabaret strode confidently down the cracked pavement on ridiculously high heels. Further down the road, another elephant mingled with the traffic. “Everything looks pretty damn normal,” Chris said.’ Funny stuff from 3 “paid holidays” focusing on the highlights (or lowlights depending on one’s perspective) of the author’s encounter with a giant Australian spider covering his chest nipple to nipple, riding along with a vanload of Moroccans as it teeters on the edge of a waterlogged roadway, or surviving what is (hopefully) a bloodless coup in Thailand while being serenaded at a downtown bar. So, all I have to say is what three destinations are we headed off to next? Very entertaining book!”

You can buy this here: Australia, Morocco, and Thailand. Three True Travel Stories. I’d be ever so grateful:

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International Space Station on Google Street View

Until I visit the International Space Station for real (please invite me), this will have to do. Google Street View is pretty amazing and helps you visit cool places like Angkor Wat, the Great Barrier reef, the Colosseum in Rome, Times Square, the Palace of Versaille, Stonehenge and more. Having been to all those places (yes, I mentioned them just to gloat), I can confirm it isn’t quite as good as the real thing but it is still pretty amazing. Especially if you have VR and imagination.

Well, now you can visit the International Space Station in Google Street View thanks to science and technology and some amazing people. (Click the link.) These 360 shots were made with a DSLR and a lot of patience. The results are pretty amazing and kudos to all involved. In case you have time and want to know more about how this was all done, there is a handy and interesting video:

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65,000 people sing Bohemian Rhapsody before Green Day gig

This has been around for a week or so but thought I would share as it makes me smile and if I want to see it again, I can just come here. With all the shite going on in the world this is just uplifting.

This was in Hyde Park in a city I have spent half my life in – London. A city that knows how to have fun. The clip was filmed as the crowd waited to see Green Day at a sell out gig of 65,000+. Mrs Word of Ward and I would have been there if we had been in London and in previous summers have seen the Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath and so on. The vibe is superb as you can probably tell in the clip.

In this case the drummer’s camera was on and the speakers played Bohemian Rhapsody. Londoners love a sing a long and everyone loves Queen. It’s not often you hear 65,000 people sing. Enjoy: