Apple releases some stuff!

Iphone 6 and Apple Watch

Iphone 6 and Apple Watch

The 9th of September 2014 was a big day if you are geek like myself. A day I’d been waiting for, for quite a while. Something that promised to be something of a ‘game changer’. That’s right, the $500 million game Destiny was coming out. Happy times. Oh, and Apple released some similar looking phones and a watch.

I did actually follow the Apple release on twitter and Mashable’s live commentary, because it had been so damned hyped. I had read it was going to be a colossal leap forward akin to the invention of TV or spaceflight or even the iPad. As it was, it was all pretty damned predictable. The main thing I took away from it all was that even though I don’t want it, the Apple Watch looked quite pretty.

(I should point out that I am not a fanboy of anything. I simply want the best kit. I am writing this on a Macbook Air and next to me is  my iPad and Note 2.)

What Apple did though, was reluctantly acknowledge that people want choice when it comes to phones. I’m 6 foot 1 and my hand is bigger than most women’s (especially the little ones). So surely there could be some allowance for that without everyone having to pretend that there is a perfect sized phone for everyone? Well finally there is. The great thing Apple has done with the new iPhone is to inform people that bigger phones are ok. This will hopefully stop people whining on about Android phones being too large. Thank you for that.

As for the Apple watch, as I said, it sure looks pretty but what else does it do? From what I can see it does the same as all the other smart watches except it can also tell when you are walking up a hill and you can share your heartbeat with someone else. Brilliant.

With most iPhone users this discussion is moot and fair play to them. They are probably heavily invested in the Apple infrastructure (music, apps, books, etc) and know how to work the operating system. So why change? Don’t. Stick with it and revel in the luxury of choice. Apart from wireless charging, changing the battery, removable SD cards, being waterproof, and so on, you can now do most of what other phones can do. Enjoy. (Sorry for the mild dig, just fooling around.)

Having said all that, I am going to be a bit contrary and say what I think my personal perfect gadget combo would be – a 4g smart watch that can make phone calls (perhaps via a bluetooth ear thing) and notify me about things, an iPad air for all my texts/whatsapp/facebook/quick emails, and a Macbook air for everything else. So no phone at all. Can someone sort that out please?


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