Another Maniac Killing Spree

So another nutjob has gone mental and killed a load of innocent people because of their massive inadequacies. This time it isn’t some whingeing goth teen or surviva-mental-ist, it’s a podgy middle aged cabbie. I’m not going to write much about this because absolutely everything that can be said already has been – a million times. The story of some inadequate going mental is not a new one but seems to be increasing over the last decade or so and it could be argued that it is being fuelled by the media. These lunatics are sad types and when they see the amount of publicity someone going psycho seems to get in the press, it may seem appealing.

A huge chunk of blame can be placed on the media and it is going to keep happening. If more people watched the following clip from Charlie Brooker’s brilliant newswipe, then more people might agree. It won’t make any difference to media coverage but when you watch it and see what is happening in the news right now, it should at least give you pause for thought. And pausing for thought is a good thing.