Advertising beamed into your head

When I was a lad there were fears that we were going to be bombarded with subliminal advertising and would end up like a horde of zombies roaming the land demanding consumer products. It never really happened. Well… (Take that materialism!)

There were other scares of course: we were also going to be wiped out by atomic bombs or devoured by Triffids and the few survivors would have to band together and have adventures in a post-apocalyptic world. Sadly none of these things happened either.

I’m a big fan of things that cleverly try trick the logical part of the brain. Things like optical illusions, 3D TV, political speeches, or hypnotists making people look stupid. Subliminal stuff was supposed to be like this and I am mildly saddened by the fact that it got banned. Especially now that I have a website. Send me money. Subliminal advertising could be quite simple – a flash frame of a branded burger for example or the now permitted product placement bollocks.

Wayne's World parody

Advertisers are getting increasingly desperate trying to find ways to beam their stupid logos into our suggestible brains. I’m surprised we don’t have sponsored tattoos. I’d wear one if it meant I didn’t have to work so much. I could say it was an ironic comment on rampant consumerism.  Send me money. We definitely aren’t far from the Minority Report idea where our eyes are scanned and instantly tailored adverts are shot into our eyes.

The latest thing I have found after literally minutes of scouring the internet, is a new advert by BMW which was recently tested on some willing and gullible volunteers. The idea is to burn the name of a company onto your retinas. That way, you can close your eyes and still see it. Send me money. Who comes up with this stuff? Well, the Germans apparently as they are very innovative.

Have a look at this video that explains it. Don’t worry, there is nothing subliminal or retinal burning in it. I would send me money never stoop to that.

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